Picture of Anna Saindon

Anna began training in the Garimot system in 2007 under Gat Ninong Tim at GAT-St. Louis. She had little other martial arts experience beforehand.

She is honored to have the title of Gat Ninang, and is the first woman to receive this honor in Garimot Arnis. The Ninongs are entrusted by Gat Puno Abon Baet with deeper learning as well as helping guide the Garimot family.

She teaches under Gat Ninong Tim at GAT-St. Louis and assists him at local Filipino demonstrations, events, and seminars. She also teaches women's self defense on request.

Her fighting name (Musang) is the Asian palm civet, a small cat-like animal in the Philippines related to the mongoose. It is known for it's curiosity and playful nature unless cornered.