Picture of Jerryl Peralta

Jerryl has been a martial arts practitioner since he was six. His grandfather, who fought during World War 2 as a boloman, was a big influence to him practicing martial arts.

However, when he was young didn't know of any strictly Filipino martial arts instructors, so he was not able to practice as much as he wanted to. He started with Tae Kwon Do and Inosanto Kali, then transitioned to Shito-Ryu karate, kickboxing and Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

In 2012 he met GAT Ninong Tim "Tamaraw" Rivera and was introduced to Garimot Arnis. After being shown the possibilities of Garimot and how well the style/philosophy matched his personality and views on fighting, he decided to focus on Garimot.

The results of his training earned him the rank of Ninong and the fighting name of Panda. Although Pandas are assumed to be harmless, they can deliver a devastating bite if provoked. He's thankful for being trusted with carrying on the family art of Gat Puno Abundio Baet.