The arts we train are comprehensive, and can be tailored to fit your goals, whether you want to learn how to fight, learn the history and culture of the arts, just have fun swinging weapons around, or all of the above.

Fighting and self-defense

GAT focuses on keeping yourself safe against both armed and unarmed opponents. You'll learn how to be elusive at long range, staying out of your opponent's reach while maximizing your own. At close range, you'll learn how to quickly shut down your opponent's ability to attack or control you. Sparring is an integral part of developing the ability to use these skills; our method can take someone with no experience and quickly get them successfully defending themselves.

Historical and cultural aspects

GAT has deep roots in Paete, Laguna, and the surrounding area, which is known for maintaining traditional arnis. It was founded by the fifth-generation inheritor of these family arts (Gat Puno Abundio Baet), who preserves the legacy and promotes it worldwide. The history of the arts reaches back to the 17th century, when friars from New Spain (Mexico) introduced what is now known as moro-moro to the Philippines.

Artistic expression

The fighting postures and weapon movements in GAT are beautiful to watch, especially when properly executed against an opponent. In addition to teaching the fundamental concepts of weapon handling, the battles in the moro-moro plays were traditionally performed on stage with costumes and music.