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How to Join

No prior experience is necessary. Contact one of the instructors (or e-mail, or call 314-722-5712) to schedule an introduction. This will give you a taste of the art and allow you to meet the instructors.

What to Expect

Every student learns at their own pace. There's no pressure to progress quickly; in this art, dedication pays off more than talent. Garimot Arnis is a deep and comprehensive system that can provide a lifetime of study. There is a structured curriculum available that guides you to an understanding of the core principles of the art. The traditional training methods of these arts have been designed to efficiently teach you how to fight; the fighting concepts are carefully integrated such that you'll be able to fight effectively without really understanding why it works. After years of studying the concepts, you will be able to understand why it works, and then you'll finally be able to fully appreciate the beautiful genius that went into the creation of these systems.

Sparring is an important part of Garimot Arnis. It allows you to put the concepts you've learned into action, and gives you immediate feedback about what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong, allowing you to make the necessary corrections. In addition, it gives an important context for drills, helping you to understand the theory better and hone your technique. Sparring is not only a way to test yourself, it's the only way to truly prove to yourself the effectiveness of the art and to really make it your own.